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Skin Care, The Body Shop March 3, 2017

The Body Shop | Drops of Youth | Youth Cream Review

The Body Shop “Drops of Youth” has some amazing products and in this post I am reviewing the Body Shop “Drops of Youth” Cream. This line is marketed as an anti ageing line and all of the products in this range have been developed using superior quality,  stem cells from 3 extraordinary plants to make the skin look visibly smoother, softer and younger.

Forest Essentials, Skin Care February 10, 2017

Forest Essentials Sandalwood & Saffron Night Treatment Cream

I have always been into natural skin care, but lately life has been so busy that I hardly find time to get DIY-ing into natural skin masks and home remedies. So, when a brand has skincare products Au-Naturel,  I am all up for it. This is the first thing which I have tried from Forest Essentials and I do love it.

Those of you don’t know, Forest Essentials, is an Indian Company who have branded themselves as Luxurious Ayurveda. Basically, they have amazing Ayurvedic products for a price tag. After some deliberation, I decided to try their Sandalwood and Saffron Night Treatment Cream.