Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Formula is quite highly rated in the beauty industry and so far I’ve had good luck with them. In this post, I am going to share my thoughts on the Natasha Denona Love palette.

Natasha Denona Love

I am so glad that Natasha Denona decided to release smaller palettes which so far have been of very good quality. Compared to her bigger $129 bigger palettes, these $65 ones are definitely a great way to try the shadow formula. I also have the Sunrise palette and I will be posting about that too on the blog.

Released this year around Valentine’s day, the Love palette has beautiful tones of pinks, mauves, red and plums. This palette has 15 shades of different textures – 7 mattes, 2 creamy mattes and 6 metallic / duo chrome shades. Each shadow pan contains about 1.28g / 0.04oz of product.

15 shades of Natasha’s signature eyeshadow formula in pinks, mauves, purples, corals, silvery neutrals, rich burgundies, and a fiery red that melt together in perfect harmony.

Before we go into the swatches, the packaging of these palettes gets a special mention. The palette has a very sturdy acrylic packaging with a magnetic closure. I love the fact that the palette lid can stay open at any position because of it’s very solid hinge mechanism. The bottom of the palette has some sort of a rubber lining so that it has a good grip on any slippery surface. The best part in the packaging is that there are tiny holes at the bottom which are given to take out the eyeshadow pans! So cool, right?! I noticed this feature a lot later. Kudos to this very well thought out packaging and of course, the colour of the palette is the most beautiful shade of pink ever!

Ok, now let’s look at the swatches and I will share my thoughts on all the colors.


Let’s take a closer look at this group of shadows.

The shades first, heartbeat, trust and heart are powder matte shades. All of them have good pigmentation, have a soft smooth texture and blend really well together. Only, the shade trust may require additional building up at times.

I love the shades lifetime, giving and pure love as they are shimmery sparkly shades with an interesting flip in colour. They are quite easy to work with using fingers as well as brushes.

The shade transparent is a beautiful smooth metallic champagne shade.

Moving to the next group of shadows now. I love the texture of the cream to powder finish shadows in this palette. The shades commitment and dream are two such shades. They have a beautiful creamy formula which are surprisingly very easy to blend. They are so smooth and pigmented, they almost don’t feel like cream shadows when working with them. They also act great as base shades for glittery topper shades. They work well with the powder shadows too. We just need a bit of a denser brush to pick up the formula and pack it on to the lid; after which we can blend them out quite easily.

The matte shades soul, intense and valentine are pigmented very well, soft, smooth and are easy to blend. They work together and blend beautifully.

The shade blind is a very smooth silver shade with a taupe undertone. It is highly intense and appears very foiled and smooth on the lid. Last but not the least, the shade passion is very similar in texture and formulation to the shade blind but it also has some micro glitters infused in it. The micro glitters do translate on the lid and give a very slight sparkle.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this palette has worked really well for me. With a primer the shadows definitely look more vibrant on the eyes but even without a primer this palette didn’t have any issues. The shadows were also very long wearing on the eyes. I haven’t tested each and every look I did for several hours but the looks which are posted here lasted well above the 6 hours mark. The fall out was quite minimal with the matte shades but some of the glittery shades did cause some fallout on the face. I always advise doing the face makeup after if you are getting ready for an event. For everyday simple glam looks, I don’t think you will have a lot of fallout issues specially if you work the metallic shades with your fingers.

This is a limited edition palette and I think it’s a really well done one. It is still available on various websites. I will surely recommend it if you are looking for some pink toned shadows in one palette. I also love the variety of textures available in the palette and it’s fun to experiment with different looks.

Here are some looks which I have taken pictures and videos of to show how the shadows look on my skin tone. Other than these, I have used this palette for very everyday friendly looks as well. It works great for that purpose too!



That’s all for this post. Hope this was helpful.