We are way into Spring and true Summer months are right around the corner, so I thought it will be nice to look at some new eye shadow palettes which will be fun to experiment with this time of the year. If you are in Singapore like me, then let’s face it, we don’t have the luxury of distinct seasons. But on a brighter note, we can use these palettes any time of the year.

spring summer eyeshadow palettes

Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Palette

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera palette announcement was like the Spring Goddess announcing her arrival. There is always a massive interest whenever there is a new release from Anastasia Beverly Hills and this time it wasn’t anything different. It was the first time that they designed a very colourful palette with a few toned down shades thrown in. I, being a huge lover of their eyeshadow palettes, bought it almost immediately it became available to me. I have most of the newer palettes from them and, I haven’t been disappointed so far. I even got along with the Subculture!.ย  If you want to check out my review for some of the other palettes from them, then you can check out here.

anastasia beverly hills riviera

The Riviera Palette hasn’t disappointed at all. It’s fun, playful, colourful and forces you to be creative. This is definitely a palette for someone who wants to buy something different. If you are into neutral toned palettes, then just skip on this one. It’s almost cruel to get this palette and not play with the colours. Housed in a classy nautical themed packaging, the colours just work beautifully together. The mattes are soft, vibrant, well pigmented and blend effortlessly. The metallic shades are insanely intense, but they are on the softer crumbly side. Other than fallout with some of the matte and the chunky metallic shades, I didn’t have much issues with this palette. The looks I created with this palette have been really beautiful and I love how it inspires. Also, even though this palette has a lot of vibrant colours, it is not difficult to create an easier and wearable colourful eye look. I have done a couple of videos with this palette, which I will link below the post.

anastasia beverly hills riviera swatches tan indian brown

Price: ยฃ38.33 GBP on CultBeauty. It is S$75 SGD here in Sephora Singapore.

Shades: 14 shades. 8 matte shades and 6 metallic shades.

Net Wt. : 0.73 gm / 0.025 Oz. each.

Purchased From: CultBeauty.co.uk.

Viseart Petit Pro 5 Soleil Palette

If you want the vibrant hues, pinks and purples of the Riviera Palette but don’t want a big palette then the Viseart Petit Pro 5 Soleil palette could be your answer. The price point is lower than the previous palette and if you are someone who considers price/gram ratios, then this palette actually costs less per gram than the Riviera Palette (if I am not wrong!). I love Viseart eyeshadows and specially love the Petit format of their palettes. They are compact, travel friendly, have a great colour story and I don’t see a lot of difference in the shadow formulation from their 12 pan palettes. So, when I saw this new Petit Pro palette with beautiful pinks, purples and yellows, I couldn’t resist myself.

viseart soleil petit pro

The packaging of these palettes just get me every time! I love how stylish they are and with the bright yellow cover, the Soleil palette looks extra cute. There are 8 vibrant shades in this palette with 3 matte shades and 5 metallic or shimmer finish shades. For extra interest, one of the metallic shades is a duo-chrome, my favourite sort of finish to be honest. The quality of the shadows is really good, pigmentation and ease of application wise. This will be a great add-on palette to any eyeshadow palette collection.

viseart petit soleil swatches tan deep indian brown

Price: $30 USD.

Shades: 8 shades. 3 mattes and 5 metallic shades.

Net Wt.: 1 gm / 0.035 Oz. each.

Purchased From: Beautylish.

Colourpop Sweet Talk Palette & Sol Palette

The next palette which I am going to mention here is the Colourpop Sweet Talk palette. This palette is the Spring 2019 release from Colourpop and has generated a lot of interest. It has been getting some pretty good reviews from what I understand. Now, I personally don’t have this palette (till now…) so I won’t be able to review it but I think it is still worth considering if you are looking for something different.

This palette is one of the first Colourpop palettes to have 4 different shadow formulas. In addition to matte and metallic finish shades, it also has pressed glitters and the very popular super shock shadows. I have a lot of Colourpop palettes and I have had great experience with them. I am big pan of their pressed powder shadow palettes and for the most part they have been really easy to work with. For, an affordable price the quality is excellent. Although, I don’t have experience with their pressed glitters and I am not a fan of the super shock shadows, I still think this palette may be worth a try.

Price: S18 USD.

Shades: 12 shades. 7 mattes, 2 metallic and 3 pressed glitter shades.

Net Wt.:

Super Shock Shadow: 1 x 1.45 g / 0.05 oz
Pressed Powder: 9 x 0.90 g / 0.03 oz
Pressed Glitter: 2 x 1.0 g / 0.04 oz

Purchased From: I haven’t bought this yet. But, will buy from Colourpop website if I do.

I may not own the Sweet Talk palette but I do own the Sol palette. It’s probably one big reason why I haven’t purchased the latest palette yet. The colors may not be exactly the same in both the palettes but the tones are very similar. You will obviously get more variety in the new palette but if you are looking for just matte and metallic, then the Sol palette may also be a good option. I have enjoyed working with it. The show quality for the most part has been very consistent and I will recommend it.

colourpop sol

colourpop sol swatches

Price: $12 USD.

Shades: 9 shades. 4 mattes and 5 metallic/satin shades.

Net Wt.: 1.10 gm/ 0.0 Oz. each.

Purchased From: Colourpop.

NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in Phoenix

This next palette is one which will give a flavour of all the palettes mentioned here but without being too out there. If you are a beginner or someone who wants to try out some colors but don’t want to get too bold, then the NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in Phoenix may be a good option for you. There are 16 shadows in this palette comprising of beautiful hues of oranges, muted corals, muted olives, yellow, plums and purples. So, you get a lot of trendy tones in one palettes and all of the shades are more on the muted side.

The shadow quality is quite good and this palette will be very easy to work with for a beginner. The pigmentation is good but not too intense at one go. So, the shadows can be built up slowly. The shadows are pressed a bit more firmly so there is no kick up in the pan and even no fall out on the eyes. But, they do blend really easily and effortlessly. The shimmer shades are quite smooth but they are not intense. For, intensity you will have to pack the shadow quite a bit and even use some kind of setting spray. There are days when I like these kind of palettes too which are just easy to work with and I am just looking for a subtle eye look. Being NYX, this palette is much more affordable than the other palettes in the list too. So, it’s definitely worth a try if you looking into these colors and you don’t mind building up your eye look.

nyx ultimate shadow palette phoenix swatches

Price: S$35 SGD.

Shades: 16 shades. 11 mattes and 5 shimmers.

Net Wt.: 0.83 gm / 0.02 Oz. each.

Purchased From: Sephora.

Coloured Raine Safari Raine Palette

Last palette in my list has got to be one of my favourites. This is the very beautiful and recently launched Coloured Raine Safari Raine palette. Coloured Raine palettes are some of my favourite eyeshadow palettes in my collection. The quality of their shadows is just amazing. Their matte shadows are some of the best mattes I have used and the metallic shades are always super foiled and intense. The same quality can be seen in the Safari Raine palette as well.

coloured raine safari raine

There are 9 shadows in this palette and the colour story comprises of green, golds and oranges. If you want to move away from the pinks and purples, try something different then this is an excellent palette to consider. I think you will be able to create both bright and muted looks with this palette. The colour story is also varied enough that it will be possible to create a lot of looks. I love the warm oranges and the golds in this palette and for the first time I even like the silvery shade in this palette. This silver shade “Amazon Basin” has an interesting muted taupe undertone which really appeals to me and seems quite unique to me. All the other colours also go really well with each other and I can’t wait to create more looks with this palette. This is a very high quality eyeshadow palette and if you want to try something different then this is a palette to consider this summer.

coloured raine safari raine swatches

Price: S$66.20 SGD on BeautyBay. $39 USD on ColouredRaine website.

Shades: 9 shades. 4 mattes and 5 metallic shades.

Net Wt.: 1.39 gm / 0.049 Oz. each.

Purchased From: BeautyBay.


So, those were my 5 picks for this summer. I am really excited to play around with these palettes this time of the year. Do let me know if you have any of these or plan to pick any of the palettes I mentioned here. I will be doing some videos on this palettes on my YouTube Channel, so I will definitely link them down here in the future.

That’s all for this post. Hope you enjoyed reading it and it was helpful.



Some videos related to the above palettes on my YouTube channel.