We have seen a lot of new Colourpop eyeshadow palettes being released in the last six months. I am a huge fan of their shadow palettes, as you probably know, but the Colourpop Good Sport palette was the last 12 pan palette I purchased.

colourpop good sport

I got more interested in the 9-pan eyeshadow palettes from them and that’s what I have been buying recently. But, I have absolutely loved the Good Sport palette and I am extremely happy that I decided to get it. Let me share my quick thoughts on this palette.

This 12 pan palette from Colourpop is a palette which is fit for the fall season. The colour story of this palette is really unique and fun with some really nice warm colours with a mix of neutral tones. I think the colors will work great even for spring/summer. I never thought oranges, purples and olive greens could look so good together. I love the tones of the shadows in the palettes and they are a bit different from other palettes having similar shades. The Good Sport palette has definitely challenged me to think and work more creatively.

The best part about this palette is that the colours are so unique and pretty themselves that you wouldn’t have to make a lot of effort to create a different yet beautiful look. Two or three shadows – that’s all you need to get a quick, fun and pretty eye look. There are 7 matte shadows and 5 shimmer finishes in the palette. I love the range of colours that we get in both the categories.

colourpop good sport

The matte shadows for the most part are very good quality – very nicely pigmented and easy to blend. Even while blending, the shadows adhere to skin well and they do not blend away. They are very easy to build up as well. I did face a little bit of fall out with some of the matte shades but I am used to fall out from certain Colourpop shadows and I just usually work around them. The only matte shade which I have a problem with is the deep berry shade “Reckless” which is quite dry in my palette. It gets very difficult to pick up on the brush and has a tendency to get patchy. I have to slowly build up this colour with a lot of effort. Other than that, all the mattes perform great.

As far as the shimmers are concerned, I have no complains. They are buttery smooth, very intense and apply very nicely on the eyes without looking chunky. I love them and the variety which has been offered in this palette. My favourite is the shade “Rookie” which is a bright orange shade with some tiny blue glitter in it and it just looks stunning on the eyes. My only problem is also this shade because it is a tad but chunky and you might face some fall out from this shade. I carefully pack this shade on the eyes an use an eyeshadow primer underneath which helps the shadow to perform a little better. Rest of all the shimmers are gorgeous and I have no issues with them at all.

Here are the swatches of the palette.

This is how the shades have been described on the Colourpop website.

Wild Out: Metallic warm champagne
Hooky: Matte rich terracotta
Rookie: Burnt orange with blue glitter
Sista: Matte vibrant violet
Licious: Metallic yellow gold
High Hopes: Matte peachy saddle brown
Reckless: Matte rich maroon
Trooper: Matte marigold
Hooked: Metallic icy moss
Trophies: Matte dusty purple
Ebb: Vibrant metallic olive
Flow: Matte blackened olive brown

1st row swatches:

colourpop good sport swatches tan deep

2nd row swatches:

colourpop good sport swatches tan deep

3rd row swatches:

This palette also retails for $16 as their other regular 12-pan palettes and each pan contains 1gm or 0.04 Oz of eyeshadow. It’s a really good price and value for a beautiful and unique eyeshadow palette. I will highly recommend this palette if you are someone who wants to try out some unique colors.

I have done a video on this palette on my YouTube channel which I will link below, if you want to hear more thoughts.

That’s all for this post. I hope it was helpful.