I have found one of my all time favorite lipsticks from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte lipsticks range. These lipsticks are standard bullet lipsticks with a matte formula.

anastasia beverly hills matte lipstick

Anastasia Beverly Hills is available here in Singapore at Sephora but for some reason these lipsticks are not available in store or online in this part of the world. I usually buy these from CultBeauty or BeautyBay, which are UK based websites. I wish they were available here so that I could swatch them and get some more shades.

These lipsticks retail for around £15 on the above two websites, which roughly converts to S$26. I think that’s a pretty good price for the lipsticks. In each lipstick bullet, we get 3.2 gm of product, which is pretty standard for a bullet lipstick. I love the black and gold packaging of the lipsticks. They are packaged in a box which has all the details of expiry date, ingredient list and other details.

As per ABH website, these lipsticks claim to be a full-pigment lip color with a velvety-smooth ultra-matte finish and comfortable wear-ability.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick is a full-pigment lip color with a velvety-smooth ultra-matte finish and comfortable wearability.

My experience with these lipsticks have been pretty good but I don’t completely agree with all the claims. Let me break it down for you, so that you can make a more informed decision.

anastasia beverly hills matte

First two things which I will completely agree on is that these are full-pigment lip colors and have an ultra-matte finish. The opacity which we get on a single swipe is amazing and the lipstick bullet is just packed with pigment. You wouldn’t really need to go in with a second layer. In addition, the lipsticks have a true matte finish on the lips. They may not be completely transfer proof but appear really matte on the lips. The transfer is minimal.

The claim which I don’t really agree with is that these have a velvety-smooth formula. The lipstick application is quite smooth but the texture is not as velvety as I would like. The texture is quite dry from the word go. They do tug on the lips a bit because of their dry texture but the application and colour payoff is quite smooth. So, when buying these lipsticks we have to keep in mind that the formula is going to be much drier than other creamy matte lipstick formulas.

Surprisingly, these lipsticks are quite comfortable to wear even with a very dry texture. They do not feel uncomfortable or drying for many hours and can last on the lips for really long time. On my lips, they can last 6-8 hours without much fading. Even when we eat or drink something, the opacity is maintained quite beautifully. However, depending on the oiliness in the food, there may be slight fading from the inner portion of the lips.

I have 3 full sized lipsticks and 1 mini lipstick set (Pinks & Berries). The mini lipsticks are each 1.3 gm / 0.045 Oz. However, I find that the mini lipsticks have a slightly more drier formula. I guess since the mini lipsticks have a more slimmer body, they have been made slightly more drier and stiffer so that they don’t break easily. I am not sure if that is the case but I do find a difference in the formula. So, I will recommend buying the full sized lipsticks.

I have 7 shades with me and here are the swatches of all of them. ‘Rosewood‘ is my all time favourite lipstick shade. I just love this perfect mauve-y pink nude shade on me. I have clearly used it the most and am thinking of buying a backup. The other shades are also really nice and I wear them quite a lot. There are some lighter shades in the bunch which I don’t wear alone and will usually mix with some other shades.

abh matte lipstick swatches

Overall, I really like these richly pigmented matte lipsticks a lot and will recommend them to anyone who doesn’t mind a drier formula in the bullet. Otherwise, the application is quite smooth and feel quite comfortable on the lips. Also, these lipsticks go really well under glosses, which is one of my favourite ways to wear these nowadays.

That’s all for this post. I really hope this helped.

I have done swatch videos for these lipsticks on my YouTube channel, which I will link below.