I haven’t tried too many products from NARS and I have been always interested to try their very popular blushes. I prefer to buy blush palettes over single blushes, so when I saw the NARSissist Wanted Cheek Palettes, I was really interested to try one.

narsissist wanted cheek palette ii 2

The NARSissist Wanted Cheek Palettes where launched sometime mid last year here in Singapore and I ordered the deeper palette which seems to be more suitable for deeper skin tone. This is a limited edition product but they are still available in Sephora here at a reduced price. Since, then NARS has released a couple of more cheek palettes which look beautiful as well. But, I am not planning to get anymore for now.

These Wanted palettes have 6 blushes and each pan contains 3.9 gm (0.13 Oz.) of product. I purchased this palette when it was S$ 90, however I did use my Sephora coupons and didn’t pay full price for the palette. Currently, this palette has been marked down quite a bit but I don’t exactly remember how much it is for now. The palette is quite expensive and I don’t buy such expensive cheek products often. But, I really liked the colours in this palette and they are not very common colours.

narsissist wanted cheek palette 2 ii

The packaging of the palette is really beautiful and luxe. It feels very sturdy and travel friendly. I have travelled with it and I have even dropped it but nothing happened to the blushes or the palette. However, the open and closure of the palette is not very smooth. I have to put in a lot of effort to open this palette and you might struggle a bit if you have delicate or long nails. I open it only when I am sitting down on the bed or have some cushion underneath because most of the times I am on the verge of dropping it. I really wish that the mechanism was more effortless.

There are 6 blushes in the palette. The top row blushes have a glow-y finish and the bottom row blushes are matte. All the blushes work great on tan skin tone and most will work on skin tones even deeper than mine. The glow-y blushes give a beautiful finish to the skin. They are not overly glow-y at first go, so they give a nice sheen to the cheeks. There aren’t chunky glitters or much shimmer. I love using them as highlight or as blush topper.

The matte blushes are very smooth and apply well but I find them to be really pigmented, specially the two deeper shades. I am someone who doesn’t like blushes to be too pigmented and prefer building up the color. So, if you are someone like me then you might face some issues. Pigmentation and colour payoff is really amazing but it’s borderline too much for me. I have to be really careful while applying the deeper blushes since they can get difficult to blend out if we apply too much at one go. While, working with the deeper shades I always tap of the excess product or first apply on my arm. The blush shades are really pretty though and look great on deeper skin tone. It’s also nice that we get a lighter blush which can be used to mix with the deeper colours.

The wear time of these blushes are really good. They haven’t faded away on me so far. I have wore them for around 5-6 hours so far.

Here are the swatches of the blushes on my skin tone. I will try to update this post later with cheek swatches if you are interested.

nar wanted cheek palette 2 ii

Overall, I do like this blush and highlighter palette. It works great on my skin tone and I love the colours. The only issue is the pigmentation of the matte blushes, so have to be a bit careful. It’s still a really expensive palette and I will not be comfortable paying full price for it. But, if you like the colours or get a good deal then it is worth a try. It is a really versatile product for sure.

That’s all for this post. Hope this was helpful.