Even 3 years back, I didn’t think eye creams would be so essential to me in my skin care routine. But, after trying some really good ones in the past couple of years, I never skip eye creams in my routine and just love using them. The Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel_Ex is the current one I am using.

laneige water bank eye gel

I thought of purchasing this eye cream after seeing some good reviews online and because I really wanted to try the brand Laneige. I love Korean skincare but hadn’t tried anything from the brand until last year. Now, of course, I have purchased some other products from the brand and I will share my thoughts on them soon.

Anyways, coming back to this eye cream. It claims to be a 24 Hr moisturizing eye gel for stressed skin around the eyes.

  • It contains bilberry that not only nourishes but also protects tired skin around the eyes due to exposure to electromagnetic radiation.
  • Active agents extracted from palm create a moisturizing layer over skin, preventing it from going dry.

Basically, it claims to do what I want my eye creams to do, i.e. keeping my eye area hydrated and reduce fatigue, which in turn will keep wrinkles and dark circles at bay.

I am really happy that this eye cream has been true to all its claims. It has a very light soothing gel like texture, which gets absorbed really nicely into the skin. I usually apply this eye cream at night and it keeps my eye area feeling hydrated when I wake up in the morning and even after that. My eye area doesn’t feel tired and fatigued at all no matter how tired it was the previous day. I also enjoy the texture and the fragrance of this eye gel. It has a subtle fresh scent which won’t be overpowering for most people. I think so far, this is my favourite eye cream or gel which I have used so far. Also, the light weight and hydrating formula of the gel makes it suitable for almost all skin types.

I have used a small size of the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye cream, which I also liked. But, since I have used the Laneige one longer, I am able to judge this one better. Apart from that, I have liked the Innisfree Green Tea eye cream in the past but I like the Laneige one better because the Innisfree one has a more thicker texture and it sits on the skin a bit heavy. Both, do a very good job but I prefer the texture and light weight nature of the Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel_Ex.

Some other information about the ingredients, which I found from their website. I, honestly, did not know about the following ingredients in the product before buying. So, I am very happy to find these out and can understand why it works the way it does.

  • Hydro Ion Mineral Water – Infused with 6 ionized moisturizing minerals that play a role in regulating skin moisture, it swiftly penetrates the skin to activate natural moisturizing genes in the skin.
  • Quinoa extracts – Quinoa has been a food source for mankind for the past seven thousand years. It is also known to protect the skin from dryness and damage.
  • Natural olive oil – Micro-sized botanical oil particles absorb quickly into the skin to reinforce the lipid barrier in the epidermis to help retain moisture and smoothen the skin texture.
  • Tillandsia extract – Rich in betaine, a natural moisturizing factor (NMF) that plays an important role in hyaluronic acid synthesis in the dermis.

The product also has a very solid packaging. The beautiful glass blue jar looks very attractive and luxurious. Although you do have to be careful with the jar since its glass and has quite a bit of weight to it. So, you can’t really toss it around here and there. I am pretty sure, this jar also comes with a spatula to scoop the product out, but somehow I have lost mine and can’t confirm that.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly for many, the Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel_EX is priced at SGD 49 and we get 25 ml of product. It’s definitely a high end eye cream but after seeing the results and experiencing it, I think it’s really worth the money if you are looking for a good hydrating eye cream. I have been using this eye cream religiously for the last 5-6 months and I am sure it will last me at least another month. So, I think its a very good investment if you are in the market for eye creams. I will recommend it.

That’s all for this post. Hope it was helpful.