Jelly eyeshadows! Now, that is something I didn’t think I would see. But, Colourpop launched just that last year and I was interested in trying them from the word go. I did, I loved it. Read on to find out more on how I apply these.

colourpop jelly much

The Colourpop Jelly Much shadows are single eyeshadow pots with very interesting characteristics. They are somewhat of a cream eyeshadow formula, but very different from a cream eyeshadow too. They feel quite weird, bouncy and jelly like in the pot but they go on smoothly on the eyes and dry down after a while. After that, they don’t budge. I think, it’s a really cool eyeshadow formula.

colourpop jelly much

These shadows come in a small plastic container pot and each pot contains 6.5 gm of product. It’s quite a lot of product but we do have to be careful on how we store the product. It has a tendency to dry down in the pot and I will touch upon this later in the post. But, one has to keep in mind that they may not get a lot of shelf life even though the amount of product is quite a lot. The pot comes with a protective cover for the shadows which needs to be secured back after use, otherwise the shadows will dry out much faster.

colourpop jelly much sweet dreams

The Colourpop Jelly Much shadows are priced at USD 8. So, these are priced higher than their regular Super Shock shadows, which retail for USD 5. I can understand that this is a new and different formula and hence the price point but I would be much happier if these were also around the 5 dollars mark as I am not getting a long shelf life and I might have to replace my favourites sooner as compared to the Super Shock shadow formula. So, I do find the price point a little high, considering it’s Colourpop. But, I do like these more than the super shock shadows.

Now, let’s talk about my experience. I got four shades so far – Half Moon, Short Circuit, Sweet Dreams and Hallucinogenius. All the shades have shiny and soft metallic finish on the eyes. Some of the shades might look sparkly depending on the glitter particles in it. But, these are not super glittery. One may find these to be too subtle if they are into intense shimmer or glitter eyeshadows. But, I really like the formula and shade range and there are few more shades which I like and I might try out in the future. Out of all the shades, Half Moon is my favourite! I will highly recommend this shade.

Here are the swatches of all the shades I own.

colourpop jelly much swatches

Now, The claims of this new eyeshadow formula is One swipe pigmentation, Zero creasing. I am happy to report that all of that is true. The pigmentation is great and they go on very smoothly on the eyes. The desired opacity can be achieved in one swipe and it’s also possible to build it up. It works fine with powder eyeshadows too. It moves around the powder a little bit but I think it’s manageable. I don’t find it to be a deal breaker. The great thing about these shadows is that they absolutely don’t crease and stay put on the eyes for a very long time. So, I would say these are really very longwearing without losing much intensity. Also, there isn’t any kind of glitter or shimmer fall out, whatsoever. These shadows dry down very well too, so I haven’t faced any kind of transfer either. However, these shadows are not waterproof and can be taken off very easily with water.

I find that the best way to apply these shadows is using the fingers. That way we get the smoothest application and desired intensity. I usually apply 2-3 layers and then blend it out with fingers as desired. Then, I take some powder eyeshadow and blend out the edges and the crease. Works out great!

colourpop jelly much half moon

colourpop jelly much short circuit

Unfortunately, two of my shadows are kind of on the path of drying out. I have had these two shadows mentioned above for around 6 months now and I can totally see a change in texture. The shadow “Short Circuit” is almost dry and has lost the jelly texture and the shadow “Half Moon” is on the verge of losing its texture. They are still useable though and the pigmentation still seems great but certainly not what they used to be. So, these don’t have a long shelf life even when covered and secured with the protective cover as recommended. And I take very good care of my eyeshadows! So, this is something which needs to be kept in mind. If you don’t use cream eyeshadows often, then I am not sure if you would want to invest in these.

If you want to try this formula then definitely go ahead and try it out. For me, these shadows are really easy to use, quick and very wearable and I wear them very often on a regular day out. I do get a lot of use out of them. So, I will recommend the shadows for what they are but also do keep in mind the above points and probably don’t get too many shades at one go.

That’s all for this post. Hope it helped and do let me know if you have tried these or plan to try them.