Last year, there was a point where I got really bored of all the warm toned palettes which were coming out in the market. In the sea of warm toned eyeshadow palettes, the Jouer Springtime In Paris palette caught my eye. I saw a couple of good reviews, so I decided to get it.

I realised that over the last one year or so, I have tried a few Jouer products and I really like the brand. All of their products are beautifully packaged and have been good quality so far. Let’s discuss the palette in this post, I will soon review the other products on the blog.

Reminiscent of cherry blossoms lining the streets of Paris, the Springtime in Paris Eyeshadow Palette features 12 rich shadows in cool plums and warm neutrals delivering high-pigment color that lasts.

Jouer Springtime in Paris

Where did I buy it? Jouer is available at some of the local resellers here in Singapore. But, I find that CultBeauty gives me the best price, so I usually buy from there. I have also bought Jouer products from BeautyBay if that particular product isn’t available on CultBeauty. This palette is a limited edition product but it’s still available on CultBeauty, if anyone is interested.

How much did I pay? It retails for around GBP 29 (without taxes) on CultBeauty , which is roughly SGD 51.

How much product do we get? This palette contains 12 eyeshadows and each shadow pan is around 1.4 gm / 0.05 oz. The individual shadow quantity is not mentioned on the palette but the total net weight is 16.8 g / 0.59 oz. That seems to be a very good amount of product.

Jouer Springtime in Paris

The ingredients have been clearly listed on the outer box along with other specifications.

How is the packaging? I think all the Jouer products have very aesthetically pleasing packaging. This palette is no different. I love how sleek and compact it is and it feels very sturdy. I accidentally dropped this palette from quite a height once but only one of the shadows took a small hit. I thought the damage would be much worse.

I have taken this palette with me while travelling and it has come in very handy as it also has a good quality mirror. It also can lay completely flat, a feature I love so much in eyeshadow palettes. I also love how classy the palette looks. Overall, packaging of the palette is great.

What is the finish of the shadows? This palette has 7 mattes, 4 metallics and 1 satin shade.

This is how the shades have been described on their website.

Here are the swatches of the shadows on my skin tone.

Jouer Springtime in Paris

How was my experience? I feel this is one of my favourite palettes to travel with and for that reason I may never give this one up. It is very easy to create a soft look with this palette very quickly, specially when you are on vacation and don’t have a lot of time to get ready. The matte shadows are very soft and buttery making them very easy to blend. This also makes the mattes a little bit powdery but not as much as some of the other softer shadows I have tried. There is definitely some fallout with the them so always advisable to do the eye makeup first.

The metallic shadows are extremely smooth in texture and apply evenly on the eyes. However, they do not have an extreme high shine finish metallic finish. They are more on the muted side and can be easily worn by someone who doesn’t like metallic shadows. They are very subtle on eyes but still they give a little oomph to the whole eye look. I personally love these kind of finishes for more everyday looks. The only metallic shadow which is a little tricky to work with is the gold shade “true gold“, as it is a bit powdery and doesn’t apply as smoothly as the others. So, with that shade I have to use some kind of a setting spray so that it applies smoothly.

There is one satin purple shade “amethyst” in the palette which is definitely the most worn shadow for me. I usually do a very quick one shadow look with that shade and it always makes me feel super happy.

The pigmentation of the shadows is very good, specially the mattes are really nicely pigmented. They don’t have to be layered much even on my skin tone. I also find that the shadows are pretty long wearing as well. They stay on the eyes for a good 4-5 hours without a primer and with a primer they can last even longer.

I love this palette also because there are a lot of mauve toned shades in it and I really like to wear mauves on my eyes. Most of the shades have a plum or mauve undertone so you can create some very pretty pink mauve eye looks. Along with the mauves, the blues, gold, bronze and chestnut shades give this palette more versatility. I have loved pretty much all the looks I have created with this palette.

The palette is sulphate free, phthalate free, paraben free, gluten free, cruelty free and dermatologically tested. It is a really good quality eyeshadow palette if you love this colour scheme. Although it is limited edition, it is still available on various websites. I am sure pretty soon this palette might go on sale and that would be a good opportunity to pick this palette up. I would recommend this palette if the colour story attracts you.