The Colourpop Supernova Shadows are some of the most interesting and cool eye products I own. I have been really intrigued about how these glittery-sparkly colours would look on my eyes, that I have amassed quite a collection. Read on to find out more and see the swatches.

Colourpop Supernova Shadow

What are they? Colourpop Supernova shadows are liquid eyeshadows which claim to be extremely glittery and longwearing.

Where did I buy these? I bought all of them from the Colourpop website. I prefer buying Colourpop products from their website since the price of their products get really inflated here in Singapore.

How much do they cost? Each shadow costs USD 7 which is around SGD 9.50, which I think is a really good price for a unique product like this. I personally wear such glitter shadows only occasionally and it makes a lot of sense to get them at a more affordable rate.

How much product we get? Each shadow tube contains 4.7 gm or 0.17 oz, which somehow I feel is not a lot of product. This could be because I am comparing the quantity with a liquid lipstick. But honestly, I am not sure if this is too much or too little of product. I will find out when I use up at lease one shade I guess.

How is the packaging? I think the packaging has been designed with a lot of details. I love the space and galaxy theme behind the name and the packaging, the graphics complements the name of the shadows really well.

The actual eyeshadow tube resembles the packaging of their regular liquid lipsticks.

There is a sponge tip applicator to take out the product and apply on the eyes. I use the applicator to just take out the product and apply on the eyes and later use my fingertips to blend out the shadow. Overall, I don’t have any complains with the packaging.

The ingredient list is not printed anywhere on the packaging, but its available on the Colourpop website.

How was my experience? My experience with these shadows have been great. I think the formula is quite good and with a little practice anyone will be able to use them easily. These are glitter shadows, so they look really sparkly and glittery on the eyes specially when the light hits in certain ways. Although, compared to the Stila Glitter and Glows (which I have finally got) these are less glittery. So, if the Stila ones look too intimidating then these Colourpop ones may be worth a try. I love the shadows from both the brands as each have their own place and occasion.

Now, some points to take note of. I do agree with the fact that these are long wearing. Once applied, they dry down and set on the eyes within 30-45 seconds and after that they don’t budge. They will come off only if you rub your eyes quite vigorously, otherwise the shadow stays on the eyes for a really long time. I have worn these for 6 hours and nothing happened. But, these shadows are not waterproof. They come off really easily almost melt away when in contact with water. So, I am not too sure how long will they hold up on oily or sweaty eyelids.

I think that these shadows have a learning curve as well. I found that patting gently with the fingertips to blend out the shadow, works great for me. If applied too much, then they look quite textured and heavy on the lids. So, it’s all about finding the right balance with these shadows which will come with a little practice.

Now, lets take a look at the swatches of all the colours I have.

Colourpop Supernova Shadow

This is how I have applied these on my eyes. The shades Over Again, Walk of Fame and Hard to Empress are some of my favorites.

Overall, I really like these sparking shadows on the eyelids as I love shimmer shadows and love experimenting with them. If you are like me, then I will definitely recommend these. I think, for the price, this is a really cool eye product to try.

I also have a video on these shadows which I will link below, in case you want more details or thoughts.

That’s all for this post. Hope this was helpful.