I am always looking for good, compact, travel friendly face palettes which would have some neutral eyeshadows and blush. It is during one such search that I came across the Stila Perfect Me Perfect Hue Eye and Cheek Palette and I fell in love with the colours. Read on to find how it worked out for me.

I got this palette from CultBeauty for £23 after discount. The original price of this palette is £28 which is roughly 56 SGD. This pricing is pretty consistent with other high end face palettes and seeing the quality I am ok with the price point, although like all makeup lovers I wish this was cheaper so that I could buy more.

stila perfect me perfect hue


The packaging of this face palette is simply stunning. I loved the muted gold packaging on the box as well as on the palette. The actual palette has some faint animal print embossing on the cover which really looks very elegant and classy. The whole feel of the palette is very luxurious and the packaging feels very sturdy. The palette is quite sleek and compact and is perfect for travelling. It also comes with a very good quality full sized mirror.


The good thing about this palette is that it comes in 4 variants and you can pick and choose according to your skin tone and preference. I got the variant Medium/Tan since I have a medium-deep skin tone but you can also choose – Fair/Light, Light Medium or Tan/Deep. All the palettes have 5 eyeshadows one of which can be used as a highlight and it also has 2 blushes. In all, you will get 7 shades in total. If there is another discount in the future, I want to pick the shade Tan/Deep as well.


Below is the ingredients list for this palette.


I have used this palette a few times already and I have to say that I am very impressed with the pigmentation. All the shadows, specially the matte ones, are extremely smooth and soft. I love the matte shadows in this palette and they are very nicely pigmented but to get deeper colour payoff on my skintone I do have to build up quite a bit. I don’t mind that because this is what I am going to use for my travels and I like more natural looks during those times and the colour payoff which I get is perfect for a natural look. For more intense colour payoff you can use a eyeshadow base or primer.

The shimmer eyeshadow which is present in the palette is also very smooth and nicely pigmented but if you are looking for intense shimmer then this probably won’t give that without a eyeshadow base. The shimmer is perfect for a natural shimmery look without going overboard. For more intensity, it works really well wet too.

There are two blushes in this palette, one of which is matte and the other one has a satin finish. I just love the blush shades of this palette and both of them go very nicely with my skin tone. They are also very smooth, buttery and blend really well. The blush with the satin finish also looks very nice on the cheeks without looking glittery or chunky.

For skin tones lighter than mine, these shadows will look more intense.

stila perfect me perfect hue


The staying power of these eyeshadows is really good. The eyelooks which I created stayed on me for at least 6-7 hours but the matte blush was not very noticeable after a few hours, but to be fair I did not apply a lot of blush. So, I am extremely happy with the performance of this palette.

stila perfect me perfect hue


Here are the swatches of the eyeshadows of the palette. From left to right:

  • Curious – Soft Nude (matte which is extremely soft)
  • Captivating – Neutral Champagne (satin shimmer with almost pearlescent finish)
  • Daring – Deep Rose with Gold Pearl (shimmer with a beautiful texture)
  • Magnetic – Deep Plum (matte)
  • Feisty – Midtone Red Brown (matte)

These are the swatches of the blushes. From left to right:

  • Inspiring – Coral Brown (satin finish blush with an extremely smooth texture)
  • Mysterious – Neutral Peach (amazing rose toned matte blush which is one of my favourite kind of blush shades to wear)


I created this makeup look using this palette using all the eyeshadow colours and the matte blush. I did not use any eye primer or base. I found that to get more intensity for the shimmer shade on my skin tone, I do have to use a eyeshadow base or use the shadow wet. I did not face any fall out with palette, which is great!

A closer look.


Overall I love that this palette :

  • is very travel friendly with a sturdy packaging
  • has very pretty neutral shadows for everyday use and can be used to create a neutral look for a work and travel.
  • can also be used to create a bit more intense look using an eyeshadow base on my skin tone.
  • has 4 different variants to choose from.
  • has good quality shadows and blushes which are well pigmented and blend very nicely.
  • did not have any fallout.
  • has a beautiful colour composition.

But I also did not like that:

  • there are some shadows which need to be built up for more intensity.
  • this is not a perfect palette to create very intense looks on my skin tone.
  • the blush was not very long wearing but I do need to test it out more.

That’s all for today. I hope this review was helpful. Let me know in comments below if you have used this palette.