I had purchased these Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Liquid Lipsticks long time back and I have a love and “not-so-love” relationship with these. The current status is that I love to wear these but I don’t know how long that is going to last. If you are curious to hear my thoughts then read on.

bourjois rouge edition velvet


These liquid lipsticks come in a very “high-end looking” packaging. The body is acrylic with each lipstick body colour closely matching the actual shade, which makes it easier to pick a shade and they make a very nice display. The cap color also closely matches the lipstick shade and it closes shut very securely with a click. I really like the packaging of these lipsticks as they feel really chic and luxurious. They have a pleasant smell to them as well, very classic old-world flowery talcum powdery smell, that’s the only way I can describe it. The wand is a almost pointed doe-foot applicator which makes very easy application. I don’t think I have ever messed up this liquid lipstick while applying.


Although, these are available at drugstore in Singapore but they are quite pricey, each lipstick retailing for SGD 25. But, thankfully there are frequent promotions where you can save quite a lot on these.


Each tube of lipstick contains 7.7 ml / 0.2 fl. Oz of product which is kind of standard quantity for liquid lipsticks.


The two shades which I have tried have pretty decent pigmentation and I wouldn’t say that they have full opacity. You do have to build up the color, specially for the lighter shades, when you are applying on the lips. Probably, the deeper shades might be more pigmented but I have my doubts.


These have a very light mousse like texture and even when you are applying on the lips they feel like you are applying a light airy mousse. The texture feels very soft and when applied on the lips it does not immediately dry down. But over a period of time, it does dry down to semi-matte finish. The longer you wear it, the more matte it looks but the texture of the lipstick is not very matte. It does not dry down completely to a matte finish.


It is a semi-matte finish when applied first but later dries down to a more matte looking finish. Although, the texture is not completely matte.


These are very comfortable as the formula almost never dries down completely matte on the lip. Even, when it has dried down a lot there is still a bit of tackiness so it feels very comfortable throughout the wear.


These lipsticks don’t have a drying matte formula so they don’t survive snacks or coffee breaks. They easily come off but the fading is very gradual. Even when you have lost a lot of lip color, it doesn’t look patchy, uneven or crumbly. You can easily go without reapplication of the lipstick, but it is very easy to reapply as well. When not eating or drinking, they last a really long time and they keep looking beautiful. There is no crumbling or flaking in anyway.


I have two shades : 07-Nude-ist and 12 Beau Brun. Both are very everyday wear lipstick shades. Nude-ist is more muted pink shade and Beau Brun is more of a muted coral-red.

When first applied it almost looks glossy.

After some dry down.

Overall, I am loving these liquid lipsticks nowadays for everyday use.  They feel very comfortable and give a very nice matte appearance. Although it transfers a bit, but I do not mind it now. When I had initially got these, I did not like them since they were not a complete matte formula and transferred easily. But, after trying these for months, I can say that if you are looking for lightweight, comfortable, semi-matte liquid lipsticks but do not mind the transfer, these are an excellent buy. Let’s see how long this love lasts.

That’s all for this review. I hope this was helpful.