I don’t wear a lot of foundation but I do like trying out new ones which will give me a flawless looking skin but without applying too much. The Too Faced Born This Way Foundation is one such foundation I found and here are my thoughts on this.

too faced born this way honey


This foundation claims to give a very natural looking skin as though you are “Born This Way” and it states that it is undetectable, medium-to-full coverage foundation which is oil-free. It has coconut water infused in it to balance the skin’s moisture levels. It also claims to have alpine rose and hyaluronic acid both brighter and more youthful skin.


You can see the full ingredients list in the below picture. When I heard that this foundation is infused with Hyaluronic Acid, I got super excited. Hyaluronic Acid helps to lock in skin moisture and anything which has this infused in it works really well on my skin.


Too Faced always have some of the best packaging in the high-end market and the packaging for this foundation is no less. It has a very classyΒ glass bottle with a almost a matte frosted appearance. The bottle has a weight to it and it feels quite luxurious. The Black and Gold packaging is also very attractive. It comes with a very good pump, I have never found any clogging of the nozzle or any spillage. In short, really love this classic packaging.


I have two shades of this foundation – Warm Beige and Honey. I had got the shade “Warm Beige” as the associate in the store thought that it would be a good match for me, and I feel my skin was a bit lighter then. Now, I am back to my original skin tone, so “Warm Beige” is a bit light for me. So, I got the shade “Honey”, which is more closer to my skin tone. Whenever I feel that “Honey” is looking a bit off, I just add a little bit of “Warm Beige” and I get my perfect shade for that day. I feel my skin tone keeps on changing. LOL

You can clearly see that “Honey” is a lot closer to my skin tone. Just for reference, I range in NC40-42 in MAC foundation (although I don’t own one yet).

too faced born this way honey warm beige


This is how the foundation looks on my skin and it is definitely one of the favourite foundations I own. It gives a very natural looking skin. I always apply a very sheer layer but it is very full coverage, and you can build it up so much. It gives a natural radiance to the skin and I think it is just an amazing foundation for dry skin since it also has skincare ingredients infused in it. It is very, very long wearing. It lasts on me all day and it never looks like it is falling apart towards the end of the day. Infact, it looks more and more natural as time passes by and it kind of blends in with the skin beautifully. I like to apply this foundation with the Beauty Blender and it gives a flawless coverage with that, but it works well with a buffling brush too. ItΒ has very lightweight texture and it blends effortlessly and it feels very light on the skin as well. There isn’t a lot of tackiness when applied, so you don’t even have to set this foundation heavily. I just apply a light dusting of powder and sometimes I don’t even do that and I still feel that the foundation looks beautiful throughtout the day.

No makeup face


Too Faced Born This Way

Overall, I think this is a very good long wearing foundation and I would highly recommend this if you have dry skin. It doesn’t feel heavy and gives a natural looking skin. I just love it!

I hope this review was helpful. I will review more of my foundations here on the blog, good and bad,Β so stay tuned. Do let me know which one is your favourite foundation?