Today, I am writing about this blush palette from Elf Cosmetics. This Elf Blush Palette Dark is one of my recent affordable blush palette finds and I am really enjoying this product.It is quite easy to find Elf products here is Singapore through some resellers, and I had ordered from one such reseller from Read on more to find more about the product.


This blush palette comes in two variants – Light and Dark. I got the Dark one since I thought it suits my tan complexion a lot better. The palette comes in a classy packaging with a matte black case. You might already see some fingerprintsย in the picture below, the only drawback of matte packaging. Nevertheless, it is quite sturdy, opens and closes quite smoothly and the palette also comes with a nice sized mirror, although not of the greatest quality mirror. You can also pop out these blushes from the palette if I am not wrong, I haven’t tried that yet.


elf blush palette dark



This palette comes with 4 blush shades and has both warm and cool toned shades. The weight of the palette is 0.56 oz or 16 gm as mentioned on the box.


I got this palette for around SGD 15 and I think that is an excellent price for the quantity and quality of the blushes you get.


I think the quality of these blushes are excellent. They do not feel absolutely buttery smooth to the touch but they blend very nicely on the skin. They don’t look powdery or patchy in any way and they give a nice color from within kind of look. They are not overly pigmented as well, as some cheap blushes can be sometimes. It is very hard to get the pigmentation of blushes right, they shouldn’t be overly pigmented that they look a separate entity on the skin and become very difficult to blend and there shouldn’t be so little pigment thatย  you barely get some colour. This palette has that taken care of in my opinion. Pigmentation is bang on and colour pay off is also excellent. These blushes also last for a very long time on the cheeks and I haven’t noticed much fading. The colour selection is beautiful and will suit all skin tones specially for slightly deeper skin tones. I am around NC42 and all of these shades look gorgeous on the cheeks. The only shade which has a slight shimmer or glitterย is the 3rd shade at the bottom, so not a big fan of that but still it looks pretty nice not overly shimmery. The rest of the 3 shades are all matte and they can be mix and matched to create a new shade.



Below you can see the swatches of all the blushes on my skin tone. I will soon upload a picture where I have applied a blush from this palette.

Overall, I think this is a great affordable blush palette to have and I would highly recommend it.

Hope you found this review helpful. Do let me know in the comments section.