If you don’t know who Kathleen Lights is, then I don’t know where have you been. Those of you who don’t know, she is a very famous YouTuber with millions of subscribers and she does videos mainly related to makeup. She is a beautiful humble soul and I really love her, one of my favourite Youtubers.

So, when I came to know that she is coming out with an eyeshadow palette in collaboration with the brand Morphe, I was super excited. I luckily got my hands on the Morphe X Kathleenlights Palette in Singapore, because I believe these sold out in the first 3 days after it was released. Now, it is coming out again and I thought I should do a review on this palette.

Morphe X Kathleenlights Palette

Morphe X Kathleenlights Palette

This is such a versatile palette, with which you can create neutral or warm smoky and even intense looks.


The packaging is quite different from standard Morphe eyeshadow packaging. This doesn’t have a plastic case, instead this one is made of a cardboard case which is black in colour. The packaging is quite slim and compact and feels quite sturdy too.

Morphe X Kathleenlights Palette


The palette has 22.5 g / 0.79 oz of product. There are 15 eyeshadows, hence each shadow pan contains 1.5 g / 0.053 oz of product.


There are 15 eyeshadows in the palette with 8 matte shadows and 7 shimmer finishes.

Morphe KathleenLights


Out of the 8 matte shades, 6 have absolutely beautiful texture. They feel silky, soft and buttery to the touch and are beautifully pigmented. The 2 shades which are a bit gritty to the touch are the deeper matte shades which I feel are not as pigmented as the other matte shades and you have to layer on quite a bit to get the intense pigmentation as in the pan. Having said that, they are still quite well pigmented and are easy to blend. In fact all the matte shades blend beautifully.


The shimmer shades are very consistent in their formulation. All of them have stunning pigmentation and just look gorgeous. But, I feel that as most shimmers they are best worked on with fingertips to get that intense colour payoff. I feel you have a variety of shimmer shades here with which you can do so many different eye looks. Kathleen has really nailed the colour selection in this palette.


Now let’s look at palette in more detail and look at the shadows row by row.

ROW 1:

Morphe KathleenLights

ROW 2:

Morphe KathleenLights

ROW 3:

Morphe Kathleenlights palette


The palette is priced at USD 14.99, and I bought this in Singapore for SGD 39.


Morphe Kathleenlights palette

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  Hope this review was helpful. Do let me know what did you think of this palette in the comment below.