Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips are my favourite Colourpop Lipstick formula. I have never really been a fan of their “Ultra Matte” range because of their intense drying formula, they are just too uncomfortable for me. I was very excited to see this range of liquid lipsticks which promised not to be drying at all.



I quite liked the packaging of these liquid lipsticks, very similar to the matte range. The body is acrylic with a steel/silver cap, looks quite luxurious. The container is see through, so it’s easy to see the colours.



The applicator is a pretty standard doe-foot applicator with a more rounded ending. Its quite easy to apply, but I like a more pointed end to my applicators. Sometimes, I do make mistakes because of a more rounded bushy applicator.


I haven’t tried many shades, but I found that pigmentation is pretty consistent for all the shades which I have tried. They have one swipe opaque pigmentation which is great. The texture is semi liquid so there is plenty of time to adjust any mistakes which makes these liquid lipsticks pretty easy to work with.


They are very comfortable, easily one of the most comfortable liquid lipsticks I know. As the name suggests, they feel quite satin on the lips.


I love my matte lipsticks. These unfortunately are not completely matte. They have a very satin like texture which dries to a comfortable semi-matte finish. There will be a bit of shine after they have settled on the lips.


I found that the colour range is pretty awesome, ranging from nudes, semi nudes, brights, deep shades. There is something for everybody, every skin tone.


I wouldn’t say these are very long lasting, would stay on the lips 3-4 hours. But, they tend to fade away gradually and evenly, so they don’t look patchy after few hours. Really, liked that about this formula. I am not sure if it is true for all the shades though.


As already mentioned, these are not matte lipsticks hence there is going to be transfer. They transfer every time your lips touch something (LOL), but that doesn’t bother me since they are so comfortable.Β The transfer is quite gradual and even, so even after transfer the shade doesn’t look patchy.


I would give these an overall rating of 4/5. They don’t claim to be matte lipsticks and they do check all the boxes for what they are supposed to be, hence the higher rating.


Coloupop Ultra Satin Lips


Each liquid lipstick contains 3.2 gm/0.11 oz of product and is priced at USD 6.

Hope that this review was helpful. Which shade is your favourite? Do let me know in the comments.