Natasha Denona Metropolis Palette is a limited edition palette that launched last year and in this post I want to share the swatches, some looks and my quick thoughts on the palette.

natasha denona metropolis

Look at that gorgeous palette! I don’t understand why it’s limited edition. Its quite a versatile palette with many possibilities. I have created some looks with this palette which I will share below. But, trust me I can create many more looks and I will update this post whenever I can.

The Natasha Denona Metropolis Palette is a huge palette as you can see. It’s definitely not my preferred option in eyeshadow palettes but I still purchased it because of the color story. However, to my surprise, the palette is very compact. I can get along with a large 28 pan eyeshadow palette if I can hold it in my hand and work with it. The packaging is very luxe with a faux leather soft touch cover and is quite lightweight to hold as well. I love that not too much space has been wasted in the palette design.

There are 28 shadows in this palette with a total net weight of 38.45 g / 1.35 Oz. The shadows have different textures ranging from matte, creamy matte, shimmer, metallic and duo chromatic shades.

natasha metropolis


Here are the swatches of all the shades. First, I have swatched all the matte shades together. These include the special creamy matte shades which Natasha Denona has started introducing in her newer palettes. There are 13 matte finish shades in this palette. For the most part, I didn’t have any issues with these shades. They have amazing pigmentation and blend ability. Even the creamy matte shades are also very easy to blend and they stay on the eyes for very long hours. In short,I find most the shadows in this palette very long wearing.

Some of the lighter shades are quite light on my skin tone but they do give a light wash of color on the eyes. My only concern is that the shades “Symbol“, “Enigma” and “Royal” all have a similar green undertone and when blended out all the colors look very similar on my skin tone. Even the deeper blue shades look greenish when blended, so some of the looks seems similar in spite of using different shades. Apart from that, all other shades are quite distinct from each other and work well on the eyes.

Here, you can see the metallic shades of the palette. There are 12 of them and I must say all of them are close to perfection. I didn’t have any issues working with them. A couple of shades might have some fallout but for the most part they are very smooth and intense.

The last three shades are also metallic shades with some duo chromatic vibe to them. All of them have fine shimmers or glitters infused in them and have a lovely sparkle. The shade “Orion” is little more duo-chromatic and sheer than the other two. All of them are really pretty and look beautiful on the eyes. They can be worked with brush also as they are quite smooth and easy to pick up with a brush.

Here are some regular swatches as well where you can see the colors up close.


I have done quite a lot of looks with this palette and here are some which I have taken pictures of. Some of the colors specially the mattes work really well as a single shadow color on the eye. When I am in a rush, I love applying the matte brown and olive tones shadows as a single wash of color and it looks great. I will try to post more eye looks with this palette here.


The palette has great formulation and versatility, so if the color story interests you then you can definitely consider this palette. But, for me it is not an all in one palette. I would have loved more tones and depth specially in the neutral color family to tie in some looks I have in mind. Instead of some slightly repetitive shades, it would have been great to have some more deeper shades for my skin tone.ย  I always like to bring in some other palette to complete a look. Some people don’t mind that and it all depends on your preference how you like to work with eyeshadow palettes. Other than that, the palette in itself is excellent quality and I will recommend it.