Nabla Dreamy 2 Mystic palette is a sparkle lover’s dream. Filled with dazzling glitters and sparkles, this edition of the Dreamy palette is inspired by constellations. It was served to us as a holiday treat last year and I must say I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I am quite a big fan of Nabla eyeshadow palettes and they have worked for me well for the most part.

nabla dreamy 2

I will link a video I have done on all the Nabla eyeshadow palettes at the end of this post. I have also done a blog post on the old Dreamy palette, which you can check out if interested.

The Nabla Dreamy 2 palette contains 12 shadows with different textures and finishes. There are some mattes, creamy mattes, metallic, glitters, duo-chrome shimmers all packed into this one palette. Let’s take a look at all the shades below and my thoughts on it.

nabla dreamy 2

Row 1

Pantheon: A Matte cream. This is a soft textured matte perfect as a highlight shade, specially as a brow bone highlight.

Rem: Blue-black sparkle shade. This shade has a blue-black muted base with lots of finely milled silver/light blue shimmers. This one worked best with the fingertips and on top of a primer or sticky base. With the brush, I did face some glitter fallout.

New Past: Rusty terracotta brown matte. This is one of my favourite shades in the pallete. Its a very pigmented brown shade with a rusty undertone which looks very nice as a everyday shade. The texture is smooth and blends very well. If layered, the shade gets a bit deeper on the skin.

Oniric: A yellow gold bronze shade. This is yet another favourite in the palette. I reach out for this kind of shades over and over again when I need to do a neutral but glam look. This is also not a regular shimmer shade. It has loads of finely milled sparkles infused which give an extra dimension to the eye look. I didn’t experience much fallout with this one.

Row 2

Libertine: A sparkly gold shimmer shade. This one feels very chunky in the palette and it’s infused with a lot of finely milled shimmer but it applies very smoothly on the eyes. It almost feels like an intense metallic shade but with tiny glitters. There could be fall out with this shade when worked with the brush. Again, I think it’s best to apply these shades with fingers or on a sticky base.

Lucid Dream: A white shimmer shade with gold reflects. This shade has a beautiful gold duo-chrome effect and has loads of sparkles. This works excellent as a topper shade.

Amarcord: Peachy coral sparkly shimmer.  This is yet another favourite from this palette and is quite a unique shade to my collection. The iridescent shimmer in the shade gives a beautiful look to the eye and I love the tone of the color. It works beautifully on top of the creamy matte shades in the palette and that’s my favourite way to wear this shade.

Mirabilia: A sparkly lilac shimmer shade. This shade will give a beautiful purple sparkle or accent to any look. This also works amazingly with the creamy matte shades of the palette. The sparkles in this palette are really very pretty.

Row 3

Dionysus: A creamy matte Burgundy shade with some shimmer infused. This is a very unique texture in the palette. The shade is super pigmented and in spite of being a cream formula blends beautifully with the brush. This also acts as a great base for the other sparkly shades.

Deja-vu: A warm taupe matte. The texture is very smooth and creamy, and acts as a good blending shade for me. When layered, this shade also deepens in tone slightly.

Hidden Place: A plum mauve shimmer with a gold green reflect. Say hello to my top favourite shade from the palette. This is quite a deceiving shade because it looks plum in the pan but it has a greenish gold reflect when lights hit in a certain way. It’s absolutely stunning. The shade is smooth with lot of shimmer infused in it with not a lot of base pigment. But, it still looks wonderful on its own or as a topper shade. Love it!

Offline: A deep plumy black shade in the creamy formula. This shade also has some fine shimmer infused in it. It blends very smoothly on the eyes and acts as a perfect base for the other shimmer shades. The pigmentation is excellent. If we need more intensity then we just have to layer up the product; it layers and blends seamlessly. It could be a learning process for some but I think this formula is pretty easy to work with.


The packaging on the palette is stunning, with a slight holographic constellation theme on the front. It’s made with cardboard and is very lightweight and sturdy; also comes with a mirror inside. I think it’s very compact packaging.

Overall, I think this is a palette for someone who loves to play around with shimmers and glitters. The palette also offers some unique textures, so it can be fun to layer them up and mix it up. It is very easy to work with and most people should be able to create pretty looks in very few steps. Since, this is a shimmer or glitter heavy palette, a eyeshadow base will be recommended for sure. The shades, specially the cream textured ones, are very long wearing on the eyes and almost leave a slight stain behind when rubbed away with fingers. I am extremely happy that I decided to get this palette. It hasn’t disappointing me and I will be using almost all the shades.

I bought this palette from BeautyBay for S$ 53. It is out of stock on the Nabla’s official website and I believe it’s a limited edition palette. So, in case you want to own this very interesting palette from Nabla then grab it from BeautyBay.

Here are some quick looks I did with this palette. It’s very easy to layer the sparkle shades on each other or on the cream texture shades. I will be doing more of such looks with this palette on my socials so do follow me there.


Ranking some Nabla palettes in this video.

Hope this post was helpful. I am back after months and girl it’s so good to be back on the blog. 🙂