I have a new found love for cream lipsticks and glosses. So, when the Huda Beauty Demi Matte Cream Lipsticks were launched, I knew I would get atleast one shade. I bought 1, then 2 and now I have ended up with 4 shades.

huda beauty demi matte

The Huda Beauty Demi Matte lipsticks are very pigmented cream liquid lipsticks. I will describe them as a very pigmented non-sticky gloss like texture on the lips. In one swipe, we get full color payoff so they are not as sheer as glosses. They work great for my pigmented lips and I get a very good opacity.

These are very different from the Huda Beauty Matte liquid lipsticks. Although, the names suggests that they would be demi-matte but they don’t give any sort of matte effect on the lips. They do settle down after a point but it’s more of a satin glossy finish. So, don’t go for these lipsticks if you are looking for transfer proof matte liquid lipsticks. These lipsticks do transfer. However, it is possible to blot the lips and get a more satin finish than glossy.

Enriched with Maxi-lipโ„ข that stimulates collagen and hydrates the lips throughout wear, Demi Matte sets to a satin finish that lasts for hours with extreme comfort, without dehydrating the lips.

The Huda Beauty Demi Matte Lipsticks claim to stimulate collagen and hydrate the lips throughout the wear. I completely agree that these are really hydrating and comfortable to wear. Even if I wear these lipstick for the entire day, my lips don’t dry out or feel uncomfortable. They also have a slightly cooling effect when applied first because of the menthol in it, which feels nice. Along with the cooling effect, there is definitely slight tingling sensation which I suppose is the plumping action of the lipstick. I am not sure if the lips look plump or not, but the tingling sensation is not uncomfortable at all as some other plumping glosses.

These lipsticks are surprisingly long wearing too. I didn’t think these would last on lips for more than 2 hours because they transfer quite a lot. But, to my surprise they can last really well for 3-4 hours and even after that these don’t fade away completely. They kind of stain the lips a bit so it doesn’t look like the entire lipstick has faded away. It may not look as shiny and glossy as before but still there is always some colour on the lips. I really liked that.

huda beauty demi matte sheeo sheikha lady boss catwalk

There are 15 shades available for these lipsticks and there are lot of shades to choose from for every skin tone. I have picked up four shades and I love wearing all of them. The lipsticks retail for S$ 40 here in Singapore and they are available at Sephora. Each lipstick tube contains 3.6 ml / 0.12 fl. oz. of product and the expiry is 2 years.

The lipstick tubes are very similar in packaging to the matte liquid lipstick packaging but have a glossy finish instead. I really like the applicator on these lipsticks. The applicator has a chair like shape with a slant which makes it very easy to apply the lipsticks, as it hugs the lips while applying an even layer.

These are the four shades I purchased – SheEO, Sheika, Lady Boss and Catwalk Killa.

huda beauty demi matte sheeeo sheikha catwalk lady boss


SheEO is a very light brownish nude shade on me. Its really nicely pigmented and cover all my natural uneven pigmentation of my lips.

huda beauty demi matte sheeo

Sheikha is my latest purchase and I couldn’t be happier. Its a beautiful rosy pink nude, a shade I have been looking for since months.

huda beauty demi matte sheikha

Lady Boss is a beautiful berry pink shade and it looks great even when it fades away after a few hours.

huda beauty demi matte lady boss

Catwalk Killa is a very unique shade. It is a purple with some brown hues and it looks really beautiful and edgy. I love this shade.

huda beauty demi matte catwalk killa

Overall, these are some my favourite lip products currently. I love how pigmented and comfortable these lipsticks are and the fact that they last really well on the lips. If you are looking for glosses and don’t like the sticky nature of them then do try these out. These are a gloss and liquid lipstick hybrid which I think you might really like.

That’s all for this post. I hope this was helpful. Do let me know if you are going to pick up any shade.