Sephora Collection came out with a huge collection of bullet lipsticks last year called #Lipstories lipsticks. I believe the entire collection is not available here in Singapore. But, I picked up two shades from the available shade range and here is my experience.

sephora lip stories labyrinth city golden gate

The collection is designed around the theme of each lipstick having its unique identity and story. The USP of this line is definitely the packaging, with each shade having its own unique packaging and design. The theme ranges from travel, food,  locations and random experiences, which I think is really cool and all of the lipsticks look really beautiful. You might want to pick one up just for the packaging. Also, these lipsticks don’t have plastic packaging so they are very light and environmental friendly.

The Sephora #Lipstories lipsticks are available in three finishes currently – matte, cream and metallic. I love comfortable matte lipsticks, so I bought myself two of their matte lipstick formulas. The shades which I got are Labyrinth City and Golden Gate. Both the lipsticks have a beautiful packaging and I just loved both the shades. In fact, I was told that these two shades are some of the most popular shades.

Labyrinth City is one of my current favorite nude lipsticks. Its a muted brick red sort of color with some plum undertone but on my skin tone it looks like a muted reddish nude. I just love this lipstick, very pigmented and opaque and has a smooth finish.

sephora lipstories labyrinth city

sephora lip stories labyrinth city

Golden Gate is a deep plumy purple shade which on my skin tone looks like a mid-tone plumy pink color. These kind of shades are my favorite to wear and I am in love with this shade too.

sephora lip stories golden gate

sephora lip stories golden gate

Both the lipsticks have very good texture and they glide on the lips effortlessly. Even though these are matte, they feel very creamy and go on the lips evenly. They have good pigmentation, are very opaque and give a comfortable matte finish on the lips. They don’t dry down completely and hence they are very easy and comfortable to wear. They do transfer but still have been surprisingly long wearing. If you don’t eat anything then they can last very well on the lips for 4-5 hours. Around the 6 hour mark, they do settle down on my lips a bit more and start to feel just a tiny bit drying but nothing uncomfortable. I would say these are very good quality, comfortable matte lipsticks and I will highly recommend them if you don’t mind the lipstick transferring. I hope the other lipsticks in the line are also consistent with what I experienced with these two.

These are really affordable lipsticks from Sephora which are priced at S$ 13 each and we get 4 gm of product. With this quality, I am sure I am going to fly through these. Sephora has done a really good job with the matte formula and I am looking forward to trying the other formulas as well.

Have you tried these lipsticks? Let me know.