Becca is one of my favourite brands and all the products which I have tried so far have been very high quality. I picked up the Becca Ocean Jewels Eye Palette because I had never tried their eyeshadows and this palette looked something different.

In this post, I will do a quick review and swatch of this palette.

Becca Ocean Jewels Eye Palette

Why did I buy it? This may be the first question which comes in your mind when you see this palette because, let’s be honest, it doesn’t look super unique. But, when I swatched it at Sephora, the quality seemed amazing and these are all the colours I love and wear. The packaging is very classy and sturdy and to make the deal even sweeter, I grabbed it during one of the sale periods. Now that we have this question out of the way, lets take a more closer look at the palette.

Where did I buy it? I bought the Becca Ocean Jewels eye palette from Sephora Singapore and it is also available at CultBeauty. Currently, I can’t see this palette on the Sephora online website but if you want to get this palette, you can still get it from CultBeauty. This palette was one of the holiday releases from last year (2017) but I purchased it this year a few months back.

How much does it cost? I remember that this palette was somewhere between SGD 55-65, but I don’t remember the exact price. I purchased this palette during a sale period for SGD 37 which I think is quite a steal. I don’t think I would pay more than 50 dollars for this palette just because there aren’t many shades to work with. But, for SGD 37 I think it’s totally worth it.

How much product do we get? This palette contains 7 eyeshadows and each shadow is around 2.0g or 0.07 oz. So, we are getting quite a good amount of product as compared to some other eyeshadow palettes which maybe explains the higher price.

How is the packaging? The packaging of this palette is classic Becca packaging. It is so beautiful and classy and I am sure it is factored into the palette cost as well. The palette has a metal round body and I think is it supposed to represent a sea shell and once opened we can see the shadows placed inside as “pearls”. That is how I interpreted the packaging and I really liked the concept with the “Mermaid Pearl” shadow placed in the middle. It is very sturdy and has a mirror inside which makes it travel friendly as well.

What is the finish of the shadows? There are 7 shadows in the palette, out of which there are 2 basic matte shades. I am happy that there is a light as well as a deep matte shade, which works great for my tan skin tone as well. The rest of the 5 shades are a mix metallic and duo-chrome shades.

  • Seashell – Matte neutral ivory beige
  • Abalone – Soft duo chrome purple
  • Tourmaline – Neutral dark brown
  • Ocean Jasper – Duo-chrome brown that flashes red, blue and green
  • Sandstone – Warm metallic copper
  • Spritz Quartz – Silver with purple undertones
  • Mermaid Pearl – Iridescent, holographic shimmer

Here are the swatches of the shadows:

Becca Ocean Jewels

How was my experience? Honestly, I am pleasantly surprised with this palette. I never thought I will buy this palette at the first place because it looks very basic. But, there is something so beautiful about the 5 metallic or the duo chrome shades that you can create some very pretty wearable unique looks. The shades are unique enough that you will get some different looks and also create a basic eye look using the matte shadows. I am really happy about the fact that the palette can give me some depth with the deep brown shade for my skin tone. So, it can be a really fun travel palette for creating quick looks.

The quality of the shadows are very good. The mattes are really smooth and buttery and can be blended very easily. The metallic shades are really smooth and have a good amount of intensity. They can be built up to make them more intense but I like the intensity level in them at one go, it is not too out there. The duo chrome shades may need some work depending on your skill level but I didn’t face any issue with them. There is very minimal fallout from the palette. The shadows lasted on the eyes for around 5-6 without much fading, which is great. I will definitely recommend using an eye primer with this palette so that the metallic and duo chrome shades look more vibrant.

Quick swatches of the other shades. This is just one layer of the shadows and they can be built as desired. I intensify the look more when I am wearing these shadows.

This palette is still available at a few places, so I would say if you get a good deal then this might be a good palette to try. It is good for a beginner as well as for someone who already has a few palettes. But, I personally wouldn’t pay the full price for it.

That’s all for this post. In case you were considering this palette, hope this helps.