In this post, I am going to do a quick review and swatch of the Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette. This is supposed to be a limited edition palette, but it is still available at Sephora Singapore and some other online retailers.This limited edition palette from Too Faced was released somewhere near the holidays last year and I wasn’t supposed to buy this. But after seeing tons of positive reviews, I went down to Sephora around my birthday this year to check it out. I literally couldn’t put it down and ended up buying myself an early birthday gift. 🙂

This eyeshadow palette claims to be infused with real gold!

Take decadence to the next level with a luxurious gold and cocoa powder-infused eye shadow palette that smells as good as it looks.

Too Faced Chocolate Gold

Where did I buy it? I bought it from Sephora Singapore store but it is also available online.

How much did I pay? The palette retails for SGD 76 in Sephora here, same as the other chocolate bar palettes from Too Faced. It is also available on CultBeauty for GBP 32.50 which is a lot less than for what it is available here. So, I kind of regret not being able to buy Too Faced from CultBeauty instead.

How much product do we get? There are 16 eyeshadows in this palette, 14 of them are in smaller pans weighing 0.80 g / 0.03 oz and 2 are in bigger pans which weigh 1.8 g / 0.06 oz. Keeping in tune with the theme of the palette, the gold shimmer shade comes in a large sized pan and it’s a pretty nice gold.

All the ingredients are mentioned at the back of the palette cover. This palette claims to be created with real gold and infused with cocoa powder.

How is the packaging? The packaging of the product is somewhat controversial. LOL. When I see this palette, I am instantly reminded of the packaging of some of the Makeup Revolution palettes. MUR is also notorious for duping Too Faced palettes so I guess no one can complain here. The dripping gold on the chocolate looks very attractive and the quality of the packaging is definitely higher than the MUR palettes.

Other than that, the look and feel of the palette is similar to their previous chocolate bar palettes. The layout of the shadows is also the same and all the shadows have their names on the palette. The only thing which is different is the size of the mirror. They have upgraded the mirror to be a full sized mirror, which is always appreciated. The older chocolate bar palettes have very tiny mirrors which isn’t very usable and always annoy me.

The body of the pallete feels like very good quality plastic to me, and not metal like the previous palettes. But, I could be wrong. The palette can open up all the way and lay flat on the table, a feature I always check in every palette. This makes the palette very easy to handle and work with. The palette is so sturdy and well built that I can’t find a flaw with the packaging in this Too Faced palette. The packaging has been definitely upgraded and seems more well thought out.

What is the finish of the shadows? This is essentially an all shimmer palette. So, most of the shadows in this palette are shimmer or metallic finish shadows. To balance out the shimmers, there are four basic matte shades in the palette. Initially, I was of the opinion that there should have been four more shimmer shadows instead of the matte shades. But, after using the palette for a while, having these basic matte shades is the palette is really convenient and time saving. So, I can appreciate them more now.

Here, are the swatches of all the shadows on my skin tone.

too faced chocolate gold

I have swatched all the shimmer shadows on my eyes, so that you can see how they look on me. I have also used a little bit of the matte shades in the outer V eye area and as brow bone highlight. Even if you don’t want to buy this palette, you can see how different shimmer colours look on my skin tone.

too faced chocolate gold

How was my experience? This palette is totally worth buying, if you are a fan of shimmer shadows. All the shades are super intense and have a foiled metallic finish on the eyes. With a primer they look really intense on the eyes. Even if you don’t want to use a primer, they give a very good colour payoff. But, I will recommend to use a primer, then you can see the true intensity of the shadows. They are nicely pigmented and feel smooth in the pan. The shimmer shadows can also be easily blended into the crease for a more softer look. There may be some fall out when you are blending the shimmers with the brush, but it’s not a whole lot. I usually use my fingers to apply the shadows on my eyelids, so I haven’t faced much fall out.

The matte shadows are also very good quality. They are nicely pigmented, creamy and easy to blend. Over time, I have realized that the matte brow bone highlight and the matte black does make it very convenient to do a quick eye look. For my skin tone, both the brown shades don’t work very well so I usually use a brown from another palette if I need to. But, I do very simple quick eye looks with this palette so I don’t need to pull in another palette for a brown most of the time.

The palette claims to be infused with real gold and real cocoa. I can definitely smell some cocoa as the other chocolate bar palettes, but I am not too sure how true is the real gold part. Maybe it is true, who knows?! Anyways, all I will say is that if this palette goes on sale soon or if you are thinking about it then I will highly recommend it. As a shimmer fan, you won’t be disappointed.

If you want to see how I have created this look above, then I will link the tutorial below.

That’s all for this post. Hope it was helpful in someway.