Ofra Highlighters are one of the most intense highlighters I have used so far. I have two of them and here is a quick review and swatch of those two shades.

What are these? The Ofra Highlighters are powder highlighters which can be used to highlight and accentuate the high points of the face. They have a high level of intensity perfect for a glam look. I have two shades Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive.

Where did I buy them? In Singapore, Ofra products can be found at Comamakeup and Qolourette, which is where I got them. I think I got one from each website, I don’t quite remember.

How much do they cost? These highlighters, interestingly, are very expensive. Ofra does have lot of influencer codes floating around which can help save a bit, but even though I feel that’s quite expensive for a highlighter. In US, they range between USD 35-40 which is SGD 47-53 which is as expensive as some of the highend highlighters. In Singapore, I purchased them for around SGD 35-37. So, I got a better deal on these here in Singapore, somehow.

How much product we get? In both the highlighters, we get a whopping 10 grams of product. So, probably the cost per gram of this highlighter is pretty low. Anyways, I am certain that I can never finish or even hit pan on these ginormous highlighters. That is just way too much product for me. I will happily take lower quantity and a more affordable price. Lol.

How is the packaging? To be honest, the packaging is nothing extraordinary for the price paid. Its a basic plastic packaging with a transparent lid. We are able to see the highlighter inside, which is convenient in case we have more then one. The overall packaging is pretty sturdy but other than that there is nothing much to say on it.

All the other required details are printed on the cardboard box.

Are they glittery? These highlighting powders are extremely smooth and finely milled. There is no chunks of glitter in them.

Are they shimmery? Although, the powder highlighters are extremely finely milled they can appear somewhat shimmery in certain lighting. The shimmers are not pronounced and are extremely fine so it doesn’t really bother me. If the highlighter is applied too sparsely, then the shimmers look more visible on the skin. So, I guess it all depends on how they have been applied on the face. In natural day light, the highlighter looks smooth and intense without any visible shimmers.

Are they eye safe? As per the Ofra website, these highlighters can be used on the eyes as well.

How was my experience? I love the formula of the Ofra highlighters. They are very finely milled powders which apply smoothly on the skin. They don’t emphasize any kind of texture on the skin, although to be frank I don’t have much texture on my skin. They are really pigmented, so I need just a tiny amount of product. Even a little amount can give a very intense glow. So, these highlighters are ideal for people to love to have a really intense shine on the face. 

Also, I like the fact that they are not that powdery. They have been pressed well in the pan and when I dip my brush in then I don’t have highlighter flying around. The brush pickup so far has been great with whichever highlighter brush I have tried.

Now, here are some swatches. First take a look at Rodeo Drive. This is a beautiful golden highlighter which works great on my tan complexion. This highlighter will look great on any Indian skin tone, according to me.

Next, I have Beverly Hills highlighter. This one has 5 highlighter shades in one pan and all of these shades can be used as eyeshadow as well. The shades are quite different from each other with some deep and some lighter tones. There is a golden bronze, cool pink, pearly white, neutral shimmer and pinky-peach in the pan. I usually use the bronze and pink together or swirl around my brush in the pan and get a bit of everything. I love that this one is very versatile.

I will update a picture here of me wearing this highlighter.

The lasting power of these highlighters is pretty good too. Once applied, they last on me for 5-6 hours.

Would I recommend them? Yes, if you love intense highlighters then I would definitely recommend these. The only issue is that they are a bit hard to get everywhere.

That’s all for this post. I hope this helped.