The Colourpop X KathleenLights Dream Collection is the latest launch from Colourpop with a Beauty Influencer. I love KathleenLights and whenever she has any collaborations coming up, I am all ears. Naturally, I was excited for this collection as well.

colourpop kathleenlights dream

Do I think Colourpop is releasing too much? Yes. Am I complaining about this release? Absolutely NOT. You must be tempted to ask me one more question. Are you crazy to get all of these Colourpop eyeshadow palettes? My answer – Yes. In my defence, I paid full price for only 4 of them. LOL

So, this collection has a pressed eyeshadow palette and a lip bundle. I purchased both of them from the Colourpop website.

I have done a review of the entire collection on my YouTube channel, which I will link below. Please watch the video for the full review. This post is mainly to post some additional swatches of the shadows and the lip colours.

Dream St Eyeshadow Palette

I loved the shade range and the formulation of the “Dream St” palette. It has a lot of pretty warm neutrals to play with, along with some pops of colours for that extra something. I specially loved the texture of the 6 matte shades in the palette – they are creamy, extremely pigmented and blend able. The shimmer shades are also very pigmented and smooth for the most part.

Here are some more pictures of the palette.

The rose gold packaging of the palette is so beautiful.


All the shade names are mentioned at the back.

A closer look. The palette retails for USD 16, so we are not paying anything extra for Kathleen Lights name on it. Very professional.

There are 6 mattes, 5 shimmer finish and 1 satin shade in the palette. Here are the swatches.

Row 1: All the shades are very good quality except “Startdust” which seems a bit chunky. But it is not difficult to work with and can be blended out to a smooth finish.

Row 2: The mattes in this row also are extremely good quality. The shade “Sweet Dreams” will work best with some kind of setting spray as it doesn’t feel very pigmented or smooth.

Row 3: No complains with any of the shades in this row. All are of good quality and I specially, love the shade “Mermaid Boy“.

The palette can be used to create very pretty neutral looks. But, here I am posting a look created with the more colourful shadows.

Dream Team Lip Bundle

The collection also has a lip bundle set called “Dream Team” and it contains 2 Ultra Satin Lips and 1 Ultra Glossy Lip.

Honestly, I am not super excited about this lip bundle as all the shades are pretty much out of my comfort zone.

Moon Child – Pinky nude with gold glitter.

Dreamy – Peachy pink.

Rêver – Neon orange red.

The only shade which I might wear is the peachy nude shade called “Dreamy“, which might just work out on my skin tone with a nice lip liner. I am not a big fan of the other two shades.

Here are the swatches. I have lip swatches in the video, so do check out the video if you want to see lip swatches.

That’s all for this post. I think my favourite part of the collection is the eyeshadow palette and I will recommend that. If you are some one closer to my skin tone, then you may want to skip on the lip bundle. Hope this helps. Comment down below what you think.