So, I went through another Forest Essentials Product and this one is the Forest Essentials Madurai Jasmine and Mogra Ultra Rich Body Lotion. I really want to use up all of my Forest Essentials products before my India visit so that I have an excuse to buy new ones. LOL. Anyways, I thought, I will post a brief review of the product here.

I picked up this body lotion from the Forest Essentials store in R-City Mall, Vikhroli and I was really excited to try this one as this one was recommended for dry skin.


This Hand & Body Lotion is enriched with caramelized sugar crystals that retain moisture on the skin and leave it soft, nourished and supple.

The purity and freshness of Jasmine and Mogra flowers has a delicate fragrance with sheer floral notes. This body lotion uses burnt Cane Sugar, a humectant which attracts and seals moisture into the skin.

Kokum butter along with burnt sugar and organic beeswax provide natural hydration and makes the skin smooth.


I love the main ingredients of the product and these have some special benefits for the skin. On their website, they have listed some beneficial properties of the ingredients.

Jasmine – Besides its mood-uplifting and confidence-boosting benefits, the essence of this flower helps improve the skin’s elasticity, balances oil production and evens out the skin tone.

Kokum Butter – Kokum Butter is one of the most hard and stable vegetable butters, and is easily absorbed into the skin. Kokum Butter is composed of beneficial compounds that help to regenerate and nourish skin cells.

Mogra Oil – A strain of Jasmine or Mālatī, also known as Mogra is a vine with very fragrant white jasmine-like flowers. The essence and essential oil of this flower helps improve the skin’s elasticity, balances oil production and evens out the skin tone.

Sweet Almond Oil – Almond Oil from sweet Almonds is the most nutritious, adds glow and deeply moisturizes.

Vitamin E – Protects skin from UV rays and pollution, anti-oxidant and natural preservative.

As you can see above, this product is packed with some amazing ingredients.


The body lotion is available in a 200ml or 6.76 fl.oz. bottle and it did last me a really long time. I used this for 4-5 months on a daily basis.


I bought this product for Rs. 1175 in Dec 2016, but when I checked their website it retails for Rs. 1275 now. So, I guess GST has a part to play in the Rs. 100 price hike (I am not so sure, though). The price is quite steep for a body lotion, I have to say.


I love the packaging of this product. The bottle is nice and sleek with a good grip and it does come with a nice pump, unlike the last Forest Essentials product I reviewed. It also comes with a  transparent cap which I have lost somewhere since it cracked. So, I guess the material of the cap isn’t very sturdy, so be a little careful with the cap. But, the good thing is that although I don’t secure the bottle with a cap since a long time now, the lotion hasn’t dried up or there is no dry lotion stuck in the nozzle.


Now, you must be wondering how did I like this product. Honestly, I do have an on and off relationship with this body lotion. I am pretty sure it has done a whole lot of good for my skin because of its amazing ingredients but for me it is not absolutely the best lotion I have tried. But, that doesn’t mean I will not be repurchasing this. I love a lot of things about this particular product like:

  • It has a very soothing fragrance of Mogra which is not very overpowering.
  • The lotion absorbs really quickly into the skin.
  • It has some amazing ingredients which help to lock in moisture, improves skin texture and evens out skin tone.
  • It also has Vitamin E which helps protect the skin against UV Rays and pollution.
  • It doesn’t feel sticky or greasy at all.

The only thing which I don’t like about this product is that when my skin feels very dry, it doesn’t give my skin enough hydration. I have to reapply the lotion after sometime so that my body doesn’t continue to feel dry. Other times, when my skin is not feeling that dry, this lotion feels great on the skin. So, I guess if you are someone with very dry skin and who likes the feeling of your skin being hydrated, you may not like this product that much. But I think, for any other skin type this product with work great because it does absorb really quickly into the skin and doesn’t feel greasy at all.

Also, I didn’t really notice a vast difference in my skin texture after using the product for a long time. I didn’t really have a lot of skin concerns to begin with so I won’t be able to confirm on that. But, the body lotion certainly helped in maintaining my skin well, keeping it soft and smooth. I didn’t face any kind of reactions or allergies after using this product.

Overall, I think this a body lotion with very good ingredients which does deliver to quite an extent, it only depends on you whether you want to invest in this product or not. I would recommend this product to anyone who doesn’t have very dry skin and wants to try out a luxury body lotion with natural ingredients.

That’s all for today everyone.