Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks are one of the most popular liquid lipsticks world over. They were immensely popular couple of years back and even now they hold their position firmly in the market in the sea of liquid lipstick brands these days. Initially, they had pretty mixed reviews but later I believe they changed their formula and the makeup community seems pretty pleased about that. I, of course, wouldn’t know the difference since I believe I have only tried the newer formula, the newer shades and about which I am pretty pleased. So, read on if you want to know my thoughts on these and I also do have 6 shades, swatches of which I will post at the end.

Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks


I think you all must have seen the packaging of these lipsticks. They look so pretty with the decorative gold band at the top. Once upon a time, it was surely one of the best looking liquid lipstick packaging, it still is I think. The actual bottle is a sturdy acrylic tube with a silver cap. Each tube contains 3.2 gm / 0.11 oz. of product and it retails for 20 USD.

ABH liquid lipsticks are not officially available in Singapore and ABH doesn’t even ship to Singapore yet. I got all of them from the US.


It has a standard doe-foot applicator which is quite firm and has a nice defined slant at the end. It makes application of the product really easy. I almost never mess up the application of this liquid lipstick. The liquid lipstick dries down within 15-20 seconds.


These lipsticks have amazing pigmentation, clearly one of the bests and that is why they are so popular. The colours are opaque at first swipe and you hardly need to go in with a second layer, unless and until you want to. The only colour which looks patchy is the lighter shade but I feel that is because of the shade itself on my skin tone rather than the formula. On lighter skin tones, this should look very good.

Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks


They are quite comfortable liquid lipsticks. They dry down completely opaque and matte within 15-20 seconds but it doesn’t feel a whole lot drying. Some people may find it a little drying but nothing which is too uncomfortable. I find them pretty comfortable and can easily wear it for 4-5 hours.


These are completely matte lipsticks with no shine or gloss whatsoever.


The colour range is amazing with a wide range of colours with something for every preference and skin tone. I believe recently they have expanded their line and added 6 more shades bringing the total number of shades to 38.


These are very long-wearing liquid lipsticks and I can wear them comfortably for 4-5 hours. I think after 5-6 hours they feel a tad bit drying and start getting tiny bit uncomfortable. But, these lipsticks can survive light snacks and coffee. Even for light lunch and dinner, they just tend to fade away from the inner portion of the lips. But, they do not smudge or budge if you are not eating something too heavy and oily.


They are completely matte and do not transfer at all.


Overall, I would say that these are very good liquid lipsticks which are completely matte, transfer proof, pretty comfortable and long wearing. The only downside is that they are on the expensive side. Hence, I give them 4/5.


Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks

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