I have always been into natural skin care, but lately life has been so busy that I hardly find time to get DIY-ing into natural skin masks and home remedies. So, when a brand has skincare products Au-Naturel,  I am all up for it. This is the first thing which I have tried from Forest Essentials and I do love it.

Those of you don’t know, Forest Essentials, is an Indian Company who have branded themselves as Luxurious Ayurveda. Basically, they have amazing Ayurvedic products for a price tag. After some deliberation, I decided to try their Sandalwood and Saffron Night Treatment Cream.



This Night Treatment cream is for dry skin types and has blends of pure Sandalwood and Saffron Oil.


It claims to have corrective and preventive action, retaining, firmness and radiance. It is also supposed to be ultra nourishing.


The packaging of their products is definitely luxurious. Right from the outside box to the actual product packaging, everything has a classy look to it. Clearly, one of the best looking Ayurvedic products I have ever seen. It has a glass jar which feels quite heavy yet quite sleek.


Being an ayurvedic product, the price is quite hefty. Its priced at 2250/- for 50 gm of product which clearly is on the expensive side considering ayurvedic products are quite cheap. But, I am sure you are getting something more than just homemade Sandalwood and Saffron paste. Atleast, that is what I hope for.


First thing I want to mention is the fragrance of this product. Its Divine!, quite literally. It has a mild scent of Sandalwood which is probably one of my favourite scents in the world but it is not too overpowering. It feels like you are applying something pure on to your skin. The product itself feels very light weight to the touch, has almost a cloudy texture (I don’t know if that describes it correctly). When applied to the skin it feels like you are applying a cool gel and absorbs really quickly into the skin.


When I first started using this, honestly, I did not find that it was doing something magical to the skin. In fact, my skin used to feel quite dry (or was it firmness?) by the time it was morning. I was applying this every single night for around two weeks. But after around 3 weeks, I did notice a very subtle change is my skin texture. I could clearly notice the difference from before and it wasn’t feeling as drying as before. After about 5 weeks or so, my skin did start feeling really fresh and radiant in the morning. One thing to notice, is that I did slightly increase the amount I was applying after 2 weeks. Maybe, I was applying too little at first which did not make any difference. I am not really sure. But, now I am extremely happy with this product because whenever I apply it at night and sleep, the next morning my skin feels different, feels hydrated and radiant. So, I think this is not an overnight success formula. You really have to give it some time to create its magic.

I would really urge people with dry skin to try this formula for their night treatment routine. This investment is worth it according to me. This is such an interesting way to apply Haldi and Chandan.

Hope this review was helpful. Do let me know in the comments section below if you are using this or planning to use this.