NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams are one of the very popular drugstore liquid lipsticks in the US and are now available in many countries all over. They are very popular because of the quality they offer for a reasonable price and they have a huge shade range. They are somewhat between a lipstick and a lip gloss, basically a liquid lipstick with a semi matte finish. They have a soft mousse like texture when you apply them, but they dry down to a pretty semi matte finish. Currently, they have 34 shades in their line ranging from nude, pretty pinks, brights to some real unique shades. You will be able to see the swatches of 11 of those shades in this post.


The packaging is very cute. Its a plastic tube with a matte black cap and each bottle colour coordinates with the colour of the lip cream. This feature comes in very handy when you want to pick a shade to wear. It also has a sticker at the back stating the lip shade. Each bottle comes with 0.27 fl oz / 8 ml of products and in Singapore you can get this in the range of SGD 11-13.


It is a standard doe-foot applicator for all the lip creams. The lip creams are not consistent in their texture across all the colours. Some nude shades and the darker shades are quite patchy sometimes and you have to layer the product twice or thrice to get decent opaque coverage. At least, I faced this issue with the nudes and the deep shades. The pretty pink toned shades all apply pretty nicely without much patchiness. But, I found that the colour looks good on the lips only when you apply 2-3 layers. It is also very important to use lip liner for the nude shades and the deeper shades.


As mentioned above, the pigmentation is not consistent across all the shades. Some of the shades apply very patchily at first, hence you have to apply 2-3 layers to get nice opaque pigmentation. While, some others have pretty decent pigmentation. But, overall I would say that these lip creams don’t have one swipe opaque pigmentation and you d have to layer quite a bit, especially if you have pigmented lips like mine.


These lip creams score full points in this department. They are super comfortable and light weight and probably that is why they are so popular. They don’t feel drying at all even though they do settle and dry down to a semi matte finish.


Initially, when you first apply these on the lips, they have a mousse like texture and consistency. But, after a while, they do dry down to a semi matte finish. This is also not consistent for all shades. Some shades dry down more and look more matte and some shades do remain a little glossy.


The NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams have a pretty huge colour range which something for everybody. They have 34 shades of lip creams ranging from nude to brights to even some bolder shades. I have 11 shades with me.


They are not very long lasting at all. They seem to fade away after a few hours and they pretty much come off if your are eating or drinking. But, they are not difficult to reapply. You have to do some touch ups if you plan to wear this the whole day. Then again, some colours fare better than others.


They are not very transfer proof either. They do transfer a little bit on contact.


Overall, I would say that these are very comfortable matte liquid lipsticks for everyday use for few hours. They are effortless and quick. But, they are not transfer proof or very long wearing, so don’t expect a lot from them. Go for these, if you like to wear pretty fun colours everyday which are not super expensive. My rating for these 3/5.



Hope this review was helpful.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream